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copies of Exit Rich

When you purchase 10 copies of Exit Rich at $24.79 per copy, you’ll receive a free 2-hour consultation with Michelle where you’ll dive deep into the ST 6P Method and learn how you can incorporate it into your business

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copies of Exit Rich

  • Seiler Tucker Inc. Course “Build to Sell” Free!

The Seiler Tucker Inc. Build to Sell course will help you set up your business for a profitable exit from day 1. For $623.00, you’ll receive free access to this course and 25 copies of Exit Rich.

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copies of Exit Rich

  • “Money Mastery” Course Free!

Sharon Lechter helps your business reach a new level of success by showing you how to figure out your current financial position, and plan for your path to financial freedom with the “Money Master” course! For $1,247.00, you’ll receive free access to the Money Master course and 50 copies of Exit Rich.

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copies of Exit Rich

  • A Company Evaluation From Michelle

  • Access To A 90-day Mastermind With Sharon!

With 100 copies of Exit Rich, you get two amazing bonuses:

1. Work directly with Michelle and receive financial analysis support and a full business evaluation.

2. You also get to join Sharon on an exclusive LIVE 90-day mastermind to accelerate your business success. This mastermind includes monthly virtual meetings, guided strategy development, IP evaluation, and assessments of your current business systems! And you’ll get 100 copies of Exit Rich, Michelle’s personal business evaluation, and access to Sharon’s mastermind for only $2,495.00!

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copies of Exit Rich

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With 500 copies of Exit Rich, you’ll be able to join Michelle and Sharon for a 3 day, 2-night Mastermind Leverage Cowboy Retreat at the Cherry Creek Lodge in Arizona. You’ll be immersed in a personalized think-tank and cowboy experience while enjoying the pristine wilderness that the Tonto National Forest has to offer. While at the retreat, you’ll chart your own course for success personally and professionally! All you need to do is get there and pay for lodging!

This exclusive offer is only available if you purchase 500 copies of Exit Rich for $12,475.00.

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